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Hi, my name is Marika Magriplis, I am a fully qualified personal trainer with Schembri PT. I have been weight training for 9 years now and have been personal training clients face to face and online for the past 4 years. I have a real passion for keeping as fit and healthy as possible and I truly do live and breath what I preach, there is nothing I enjoy more than the feeling after a good workout or challenging myself with a new Nutritional plan I have set for myself to reach my desired goals.

As a Mother of a young son myself, I realise that life has many challenges and obstacles that can at times prevent us all from living an active and healthy lifestyle and I can relate to this myself without a doubt. Life can throw us all curveballs however it is at these times I have found my training to really help me to de-stress and helps me to cope with my ever changing lifestyle.


12 Week Body Revolt – $897 

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Buy Monthly 3 x $307


Training and Nutrition – Phase 1 -8 Weeks – $447

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Update my Program- New Phase – 8 weeks – $247

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Update my Program – New Phase – 12 weeks – $297 

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Repeat the 12 Week Body Revolt -New Phase – $897

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Competition Preparation Online – 16 Weeks – $2197

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