How and Why Foods Aid Muscle Growth

how and why foods aid muscle growth

Many bodybuilders are under the impression that as long as the work out consistently at the gym, their muscles will continue to grow. This particular line of thinking just ends up costing them years of hard work as there are other things that matter too, if they want tangible results. It’s quite logical to believe […]

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The Science Behind Building that Six-Pack You Always Wanted

Most people that are into bodybuilding are also quite obsessed with building their abs and are willing to do just about anything to ensure they are able to flaunt that six-pack. While some try to look for quick methods such as “5-minute abs” or something on those lines, most people are aware that these approaches […]

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Why Over-Training is Bad for You

Most people aren’t aware of this, but almost everyone that’s trained with weights, at one point or the other, has experienced the adverse effects of over-training. Over-training only leads to muscle fatigue, serious injury, hinders muscle growth and can also lead to muscle loss. Over-training is an extremely common occurrence; because a large number of […]

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