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Hi my name is Marika Magriplis, I am a fully qualified personal trainer with Schembri PT. I have been weight training for 9 years now and have been personal training clients face to face and online for the past 4 years. I have a real passion for keeping as fit and healthy as possible and I truly do live and breathe what I preach, there is nothing I enjoy more than the feeling after a good workout or challenging myself with a new Nutritional plan I have set for myself to reach my desired goals.

As a Mother of a young son myself, I realise that life has many challenges and obstacles that can at times prevent us all from living an active and healthy lifestyle and I can relate to this myself without a doubt. Life can throw us all curveballs however it is at these times I have found my training to really help me to de-stress which helps me to cope with my ever changing lifestyle.

In 2013 my training cumulated into success in the IFBB Bikini division where I won the QLD All Female Classic and the highlight of my career so far where I won the IFBB Australasian Bikini Short division.

In 2014 I became pregnant and chose to remain as fit and active as possible and I really enjoyed my training during this period. Sure there were many different exercises I was not able to do and I had to also decrease my training intensity for the health and well being of myself and my son but it was a great feeling staying fit while pregnant and it was a beautiful time in my life.

In 2015 after giving birth I found my return to an active lifestyle very challenging as being a Mother my priorities had changed but when the time was right and with the support of my family I was able to very slowly progress back into some weight training and also make changes to my diet to help get back into the shape I wanted to be in. This was not easy and it was a physical and emotional rollercoaster with many ups and downs but in the end I was able to achieve a degree of success in which I got into shape 7 months after giving birth and had a photo shoot in LA with the world famous photographer Alex Ardenti.

In 2017 our little family decided to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to live overseas on a small island off Thailand, Koh Samui.  What an amazing time we had and we will forever cherish the memories and the experience that made our family and work ethic grow as strong as ever!  It was here where I became re-inspired to jump back up on stage.  October 2017, I competed in the IFBB National Singapore Competition, I was just so happy to be back on stage let alone on an international stage!  It was here that I won my division and the OVERALL bikini division too! What an amazing way to have earned my pro status! All of my dreams came true at once! I then got an invite to compete at the IFBB Asia Amateur Olympia, what a prestigious competition this was! There were so many quality athletes from the UK, Middle East and the whole of Asia!  I was over the moon to have placed 6th and felt content with my journey to and efforts to date.

As a trainer here at Schembri PT I sit in with Luke on all programs that are designed and implemented and I am the first point of contact for many of our clients through our website.

I especially love helping women achieve their health and fitness goals and being a Mother myself I know of the many challenges that we as women face.  I just want to say that if you have a dream and are prepared to commit to a lifestyle change then I would love to help you achieve that dream !!

I look forward to meeting many more of you through Schembri PT both online and as I travel with Luke around Australia when we run our Muscle Camps.

My fitness motto is simple “……. You only live once so why not live happy and healthily


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