How Inside-Out Health Comes Before Fitness

how inside-out health comes before fitness

A good trainer will always sit down with you and discuss your motivation to change and what your goals are, before they take you on as a client. They will also ask you to fill out a detailed health and exercise history questionnaire. This becomes the basis of the exercise and nutrition plan they chalk-out […]

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Should You Be Trying the Sumo Deadlift?

things to consider when starting out the sumo deadlift

This topic becomes the basis of many weightlifting debates, but the sumo deadlift is a legitimate variation of the traditional deadlift; it is accepted even in power-lifting competitions. In fact, if you haven’t tried it to date, you should. There are a number of reasons why the sumo deadlift is a very good option for […]

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Simple Guide to Periodization in Your Body Building Routine

guide to periodization in your body building routine

Periodization as an aspect of bodybuilding techniques isn’t a new one. However, not everyone who works out uses it as part of their regular bodybuilding routine. We at Schembri PT firmly believe that’s it vital to include periodization into your customised bodybuilding routine if you want to make improvements in your training. Periodization – What […]

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The Role of Aerobic Exercise in Body Building

role of aerobic exercise in body building

Aerobic exercises such as running or even riding a stationary bike is an excellent way to speed-up the fat-burning process. As long as you don’t overdo it and it complements a customised weight training program, it will benefit you in a significant manner. You should never use it in place of weight-training as it doesn’t […]

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How and Why Foods Aid Muscle Growth

how and why foods aid muscle growth

Many bodybuilders are under the impression that as long as the work out consistently at the gym, their muscles will continue to grow. This particular line of thinking just ends up costing them years of hard work as there are other things that matter too, if they want tangible results. It’s quite logical to believe […]

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