Luke Schembri


My name is Luke Schembri and I am Professional Firefighter by trade who happens to enjoy lifting weights and competing Bodybuilding shows in my spare time.

Along the way I have won 2 IFBB Heavyweight Australian titles and I am now an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, one of only a handful in Australia.

I have competed in Bodybuilding shows for the past 12 years both locally and Internationally and have been weight training myself for the past 17 years.

I have my Certificate 4 in Personal training and have helped hundreds of clients over the past 10 years with one on one face to face Personal training, designing personalized online training and nutritional plans, contest preparations for Bodybuilding shows.

In the past few years I have had much success helping clients transform their lives and in turn their body and minds through intensive 12 and 16 “Body Revolt” programs where we focus on intensive changes to their training plans, nutritional plans and supplement guides. These programs include frequent contact and support to ensure agreed goals are met and that my clients get the type of service rarely seen with similar online based programs as I also include face to face service across Australia as part of my packages.

Another service that I provide that has been a great success with my clients has been day long “Muscle Camps”.  These include a full day training camp for a select group of people along with a seminar where I help clients with goal setting and motivation. These camps include training sessions for all body parts and everyone in the group will get the chance to participate and watch in 6 different training sessions.

Supplements for the day are provided by Maxs Protein and Core PowerFoods provide lunch.

I have the very simple training principle of using proven training methods I have used with great success myself along with constantly staying up to date with the latest in research and developments to ensure my clients are always getting the best advice backed by real life results and not just something thrown together using Google as many current Personal trainers like to do who have no real understanding or experience in training “real life” clients.

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