My Muscle camps have proved very popular over the past 4 years and I have held them right across Australia with great success and client satisfaction.

They are a day long event for small groups no more than 12 people at one camp and I always have another Personal trainer on hand to help the day run smoothly.

The camps are all about learning new training techniques, having fun and learning ways to push yourself to the limit in a safe and light hearted environment.

We always have a laugh and a good time at these camps and over the course of the day we cover 6 training sessions and all participants have the chance to train in 2-3 sessions while we discuss the different techniques being taught.

Different motivational techniques are also discussed throughout the day where I share the different techniques I have used myself to stay focused and push through the toughest of sessions.

These Muscle camps are for men and women alike and anyone from a beginner to an experienced lifter who wants to learn new techniques, take their training to that next level or are just looking for a kick start back into their training.

My camps have proved popular Birthday or Christmas presents for loved ones and gift vouchers to attend can be arranged.

So what are you waiting for check the Muscle Camp page and book in for the next camp in your local capital city now.