5 tips to Get Stronger and Stay Lean Too

training in gym

It’s not uncommon for people to assume that lifting heavy weights will automatically give them bulging muscles. While serious bodybuilders or professionals in the field do want to have a ripped body, many people don’t want to add on too much bulk. It’s important to understand that you can lift weights, gain strength and stay […]

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Understanding More About Wave Loading

wave loading

At a gym, it’s very common to see people picking up a certain weight and then proceeding to lifting that same weight in a 3X10 or 4X12 pattern. With this kind of conventional set & rep pattern, you won’t see optimal results; it’s because there is a slow decrease in your strength as your intensity […]

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The Basics of Stimulating Muscle Tissue

basics of stimulating muscle tissue

It is common knowledge that you can build muscle mass by lifting weights; however, very few weightlifters understand exactly how and why of it. To get optimal benefits from your sessions and stimulate your muscles as much as possible, you need to understand what hypertrophy is. This is the science behind stimulating and packing muscle. […]

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