IgG4 Food Allergy Testing

As explained on Muscle Radio Episode 34 (https://soundcloud.com/muscleradio) food-specific IgG4 is not a biomarker of food allergy or intolerance in any delayed or immediate responses. The production of food specific IgG4 antibodies is a normal immune system response after exposure to food components. Testing of IgG4 to foods is not reliable nor in anyway diagnostic […]

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Your mindset is your state of mind that is fixed on reaching certain outcomes, creating a sense of momentum towards reaching them by giving you a powerful incentive to do whatever it takes. In other words, if you have a millionaire mindset, your mind is fixed on creating the million dollars and it will allow […]

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Dips Can Be Effective If You Do Them the Right Way

incorporating dips in your workout routine

When you choose an exercise technique, you pick something that will provide the best results, promote healthy muscle growth, and is safe to perform. What most people don’t realise is that all exercises have the potential to cause injuries and strain if they’re not performed properly. Dips are no exception to this rule. This form […]

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Different Types Of Pull-Ups To Include In Your Weekly Workouts

types of pull-ups

Most experts agree that people who exercise regularly require variation in their routines. This keeps the routine interesting and ensures they stay motivated. Variation will also ensure that you don’t strain your muscles due to overuse. There are different types of pull-ups you can include in your weekly workout routine to keep things interesting and […]

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How Squats Provide You All-Round Benefits

benefits of squats

Squats are considered the superheroes of any exercise routine and for good reason. They provide great results in very little time. If you want to shed some weight and get back in shape quickly, squats are a great way to go about it. This exercise technique is also very easy to perform and perfect, and […]

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