12 Week Body Revolt Pay By the Month

$294.00 / month for 3 months

Looking for something a little more intensive and interactive than just an initial plan?

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More information about the 12 Week Body Revolt

This package includes personalised and tailor made online plans for Nutrition, Training and Supplements.

This program helps clients like you to stay on track, motivated and we make updates to your plans as you progress.

We also check in via email and then after changes are made to your plan we catch up via phone call on the 3,6, 9 and finally 12 week mark, you will receive 2 training programs within the 12 weeks.

This is good package if you are motivated to stay 100% on track and make as much progress as possible during this time and even better for someone who needs to be kept accountable and have someone to answer to every 3 weeks if they feel they may slip off track.

If general motivation and constant reassurance is needed to stay on track with the agreed plans then this program is not for you!!

If you are highly motivated and would like to be guided as you progress along your journey and have a professional check over your progress every 3 weeks making changes as required to help you achieve your fitness goals

Commitment and desire comes from within and although we genuinely like to motivate and stimulate our clients to be the best they can be we are not here to beg you to follow our agreed plans nor will we stroke your ego and lie to you if your results are below what I believe they should be.


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